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The "My Life is a Circus" brand is inspired by the world of the circus, a circus full of colorful artists, emotions, and not animals. These are things and clothes for free people who have their own opinions and break down paradigms. People who like to surround themselves with color and positive energy, and most importantly for people who juggle and live their lives with a hint of madness, people who like to travel and balance on a rope, because everything is possible for them.

The clothes of the "My life is a circus" brand are “MUST HAVE” travel companion, and because life is a continuous journey those clothes will be great for a walk or when going out for a coffee with friends. They are an inseparable element of cycling, scooters or rollers, but also on the way to your gym session.

Our clothes through their colors and patterns are boiling up with positive energy, so even when the weather outside is grey and you have a bad mood – wearing those clothes you will automatically smile and feel better. 

The "My life is a circus" brand means colors, joy and convenience. Our clothes are made of cotton with a small addition of spandex, making it easy to fit your body. Thanks to the unique patterns and colors, the brand gives you the opportunity to stand out from the gray crowd, and also the opportunity to improve not only your mood but also the mood of others.

One of the purposes of this brand is to appreciate and promote the uniqueness of circus art that has always been part of people’s life. It puts on the pedestal the acrobats, their body and nature. Their energy, smile and positive thinking. Their desire to amaze and build positive emotions, to shivers. The brand is supposed to celebrate and thus express gratitude to circus performers who spend hundreds of hours training and mastering their skills in order to create such extraordinary emotions among people.

The inspiration for creation of the “My life is a circus” brand is the human body in combination with nature, flowers and the globe.

“My life is a circus” labels are designed to last longer. If you love the world as much as we do and take care of it - do not throw away the label! Use it as a bookmark.

Consciously approach the environment that surrounds you. The choice is yours, you decide if the world will be colorful and full of positive energy or dark and grey. Many times science has proved that colorful surrounding makes a significant impact on our mind. But if you still do not believe it – try it on and you will see the difference! Our clothes have such an exceptional energy.

Kamila Niewiadomska is the founder of the brand "My life a circus", a graduate in social psychology at SWPS as well as pedagogy at APS in Warsaw. This enthusiast of the Art of a New Circus, a circus without animals, together with her husband have been running a thriving Artistic Agency Mimello. Kamila is an author of two books "My life is a circus " and " Circus art through the eyes of a mime". In everyday life she is mime’s wife and a mother of two sons Eliasz and Wit and a daughter Malina.

  The latest project by Kamila is a clothes designing that she has been dreaming about for many years. The brand she creates is part of herself. She believes in living in harmony with nature, in a healthy and active way of life, good energy and power of colors. But she also believes that her idea will appeal to many and will be in harmony with others, which will contribute to the world being full of colors.


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